highly recommended compilation from one of the nicest netlabels out there, la bèl. 12 previously unreleased tracks providing some playful lonely soundtracks and some sad beautiful songs (and instrumentals… check the contributions from f.s. blumm and elisa luu).

delicate guitars for summer dreams, by catalan xavi corbera. i love the cover and the song’s titles (especially “instalación tristeza pérez 2000”). and the fragile music too, for sure. 

flashback to bed.’s first ep, full of (half asleep) bedroom indie pop and enchanced with a couple of remixes (by daisuke miyatai and dot tape dot), as the great totokoko label publishes the early demos of this japanese artist.

daisuke ogura and his guitar found the perfect name for a musical project where they mix fuzzy vocals, some lazy toy instruments and a few spiralling melodies, bed.. "sleep + room" is a collection of old demos. sleep more, sleep better, listen to bed.