How does a financial crisis sound like?

self-confident electronic pop is going to eat you slowly.

aitänna77 dreams of a world where peace dreams of itself playing bedroom pop. and wakes up in a trip-hop record turning backwards.

fragile folk in free flow, by apenino, árbore and former mus singer nica vacas. released by the microphones in the trees! blog, and downloadable from bandcamp. check also the excellent interview with rafael romero (árbore) at intangible23: programa#388 (in spanish).

delicate guitars for summer dreams, by catalan xavi corbera. i love the cover and the song’s titles (especially “instalación tristeza pérez 2000”). and the fragile music too, for sure. 

melancholic folktronica for the little masses. with a rioting ukelele and a floating glockenspiel, álvaro menéndez alias fighting lion, from spain, has crafted (again) an irresistible ep.  

i like the disconsolate handclaps, the gentle ukelele, the lo-fi beat. as a matter of fact, the first ep by fighting lion, alias álvaro menéndez, from spain, has many things i like, all wrapped up in a nice autumnal atmosphere.