self-confident electronic pop is going to eat you slowly.

i really miss hood sometimes, but i suspect ross baker's case is even worse.

maybe they could have worked a little bit more on the cover, but despite the lazy design this is a great compilation, celebrating the first 50 releases of no-source netlabel with some exclusive tracks by known artists and introducing upcoming releases. you will find strange lo-fi pop by full-source, elegant modern pop by cocolixe, and many good surprises. 

melancholic folktronica for the little masses. with a rioting ukelele and a floating glockenspiel, álvaro menéndez alias fighting lion, from spain, has crafted (again) an irresistible ep.  

i like the disconsolate handclaps, the gentle ukelele, the lo-fi beat. as a matter of fact, the first ep by fighting lion, alias álvaro menéndez, from spain, has many things i like, all wrapped up in a nice autumnal atmosphere. 

will bangs comes from a world where songs can be built upon loops in reverse, a gentle guitar, and not much else. a nice place to stay.

will bangs left his bedroom for the living room to sing along with some friends, in a friendly spirit.