songwriter violeta päivänkakkara comes from finland and plays an aerial indie pop with a penchant for touching experimental sounds. it could remind you of fonal records, or of day dreaming laying on the grass, or of floating over the moon, or of anything special and precious.

melancholic folktronica for the little masses. with a rioting ukelele and a floating glockenspiel, álvaro menéndez alias fighting lion, from spain, has crafted (again) an irresistible ep.  

free download from beko (in four parts), streaming at bandcamp. this is a gorgeous final goodbye from beko as digital singles provider (before they start selling 7”). check the especially nice tracks by disco anti napoleonlee noble, maps and diagrams, death & vanilla, cankun, (now defunct) immune and cha. note that copyright restrictions might apply depending on each track.

romanian duo makunouchi bento get more and more abstract and sign now four (very) slow moving pieces, with disquieting noises, almost mute instruments, and some deep silence. bingo.

pequeña fiera! mountains were monsters" at error! lo-fi, 11/2010