How does a financial crisis sound like?


element perspective goes on with its series of cheerful compilations for post-earthquake situations. solid electronica, and some techno-pop. high hope. 

compilation of covers out of the impressive eardrumspop catalogue (and a couple of extras). it includes laura k’s interpretation of real estate, the candy stryper’sborn on a train” (i did mention i love this cover, didn’t i?), and a “never let me down" by richard holmsen, who sounds poignantly abandoned… perfect dressing up for the autumn.

highly recommended compilation from one of the nicest netlabels out there, la bèl. 12 previously unreleased tracks providing some playful lonely soundtracks and some sad beautiful songs (and instrumentals… check the contributions from f.s. blumm and elisa luu).

here go 100 selected songs from the catalogue of one of my favourite netlabels, eardrums pop, with songs by someone still loves you boris yeltsin, the motifs and dozens of many others. the file is huge, and it will be available in this form only until the end of august - i would recommend downloading it asap, and in any case before the summer.

maybe they could have worked a little bit more on the cover, but despite the lazy design this is a great compilation, celebrating the first 50 releases of no-source netlabel with some exclusive tracks by known artists and introducing upcoming releases. you will find strange lo-fi pop by full-source, elegant modern pop by cocolixe, and many good surprises. 

free download from beko (in four parts), streaming at bandcamp. this is a gorgeous final goodbye from beko as digital singles provider (before they start selling 7”). check the especially nice tracks by disco anti napoleonlee noble, maps and diagrams, death & vanilla, cankun, (now defunct) immune and cha. note that copyright restrictions might apply depending on each track.